Mayor Duggan to Announce Detroit Homecoming

Mayor Mike Duggan wants former Detroiters to visit the city for a homecoming. The idea is to attract people who may have left the city due to crime, lack of employment and other reasons back  home. The “Detroit Homecoming” is aimed to bring them back for a visit which could possibly ignite their interest to return home.
The Detroit Homecoming is a two-day conference inviting “expatriates” back to Detroit to reconnect and reinvest.
It’s about time to come home
It’s about time to come home, to see the real Detroit. The Detroit Homecoming offers new opportunities to reconnect, recharge, reinvest. That’s why a coalition of partners invites you to participate in the two-day event Sept. 17-19, 2014.
We want to bring “expatriates” — whether they were born in Detroit or attended school in the region — back to the city to explore the opportunities to invest, engage and reshape the city and its story in its postbankruptcy era. We have invited key local executives, investors, entrepreneurs and grassroots leaders to meet you.
Together, we’ll learn about the new Detroit narrative and experience and visit places in Detroit otherwise difficult for out-of-towners to access on a quick trip home.
Are you an expat? Do you KNOW an expat? Visit for more information.


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