CoCo Is Back On The Air with "Mason and CoCo in The Morning"

When I was in high school the first thing I would do is turn on my radio and listen to Mason in the morning, the show was all that a teenager wanted, music, gossip and concert ticket giveaways. However, as I learned going through life nothing stays the same. Morning shows are cancelled, stations changed, hosts were let go just to leave Detroit with an out of town morning show “The Breakfast Club”.
Now, no shade at all to “The Breakfast Club” but one thing that is unique about Detroit is despite whatever happens here, we LOVE our hometown!!! From sports teams to radio queens, we demand…HOME GROWN. The town has spoken and the radio mashup from the 1990’s has reappeared.
Starting July 7th, CoCo will back home with “Mason and Coco In The Morning”, a more mature spin on the former “Mason in the Morning” show from my high school days. With interviews, comedy and music that I can appreciate, my Detroit morning have just gotten brighter.
The reconnected mashup radio team is proof of the Detroit spirit, where you can never keep a Detroiter down!!!
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