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For Elizabeth Mays, founder and president of MCS Multimedia, Located at 22110 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale, achieving the hallmark of excellence for customers is perhaps her company’s greatest core founding principle and mission.
Mays, 24, takes great pride in providing the best of services in graphic arts and other media platforms that include digital and offset printing, graphic design, publishing and website design, as well as advertising, public relations, marketing, branding and consulting.
Among the products and services produced by MCS are business cards, kicker cards, banners, posters, newsletters, billboards, memorial programs, materials and graphics for weddings, graduations, baby showers, and other individual or company milestone events.
MCS also specializes in television and video production.
“Our mission is to create exemplary products and services which reflect our determination to maximize a sense of loyal commitment to those we serve in the media community,” said Mays.
“Our team of professionals are equipped to provide iconic graphic designs with model presentations in commercial print, production and web design.”
While MCS is closing in on its three-year anniversary, the company is far from being the new kid on the block. MCS is a legacy company of Mays Printing, a pioneering company that began on Detroit’s west side in 1946 by J. Caulton Mays, Elizabeth Mays’ grandfather.
Mays Printing was the city’s first African-American-owned printing company. Elizabeth’s father, James C. Mays, a second generation printer, was instrumental in helping his father elevate the company, locally and nationally.
As a young girl growing up in Detroit, Elizabeth Mays saw firsthand how a successful printing business should be operated by watching her grandfather and father at work. She was always amazed at how effectively they handled the many sectors of the growing enterprise.
“My grandfather and father were definitely role models, both as people and as successful entrepreneurs,” said Mays. “They both taught me about having great business acumen, always respecting the art of what I’m doing, as well as respecting the customers. It’s because of my grandfather and father that my hands have been stained with ink and my eyes have been destined for design.
Even at the age of 10, I was able to differentiate printing paper textures and knew a lot of the printing industry’s jargon.”
A graduate of Western Michigan University, Elizabeth Mays majored in Film, Video & Media Studies and Graphic & Printing Science and was eager to keep the family legacy alive after college. She returned to Detroit with a master plan as an innovative third generation printer.
“I knew that I was creative enough to carry on the contributions of my family in the printing industry,” Mays said. “While I had opportunities to take jobs working for other companies after I graduated from college, I knew that starting my own company was the prudent thing do, and I’m so happy that I did.”
Her father, who serves as company consultant, added, “I’m proud of how far Elizabeth has come in building MCS Multimedia and bridging old school printing with the new wave and technology used in printing and graphic design today.
“She is an excellent multitask project manager, able to oversee and facilitate every aspect of any job that the company takes on. I’m extremely happy about how she conducts business.”
Realizing how the printing industry has evolved over the years, Elizabeth Mays has vowed to embrace the new wave of technology that is constantly emerging, while navigating MCS to evolve right along with technological advancements.
“Whether it’s printing with UV coating, producing long expedient runs of digital press work or delivering distinguishable eye-catching designs complimented by vibrant colors, contour directions and quality design, we at MCS want to be the industry leader,” said Mays.
“We always want to produce and deliver the very best to our growing demographics of customers in places where we are doing business, including Michigan, California, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Alabama and Washington, D.C.”
“Elizabeth Mays and MCS Multimedia continue to provide my company with a high quality of graphic designs and other printing services,” said customer Michael Cooper, who owns and operates an entertainment company in the region.
“She has a great feel for what the customer wants and is able to bring printing and graphic arts ideas to life in bold and creative ways.”
Elizabeth Mays concludes, “I’m happy at not only what MCS Multimedia has accomplished as a company, but that we are able to employ a talented team of professionals. Whether it’s our designers, secretary, printers, publicist or customer and business representatives, it’s gratifying to know that MCS, under my leadership, is helping others in their lives and businesses.”

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