Congratulations to the BCBSM and Michigan Chronicle “Hit a Homerun for Health” Essay Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Maxwell Hosmer, Trinity Martin, Summyr and Wynter McClain, and Brooke Solomon.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the Detroit Tigers have again partnered to host Kids Opening Day at Comerica Park. As part of the festivities taking place on Sunday, April 6, Blue Cross and the Michigan Chronicle teamed up to launch an essay contest for five lucky kids to win tickets to watch the Tigers take on the Baltimore Orioles.
Focused on ‘How will you hit a homerun for your health?’, students from around the area submitted essays detailing how they strive to stay healthy. A panel of judges from the Michigan Chronicle and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan narrowed the field and selected five lucky winners. Each of them will receive four tickets and will be able to participate in exercises on the field prior to the game, led by Detroit Tigers’ training staff and run the bases after the game.
The BCBSM and Michigan Chronicle contest winners will join nearly 200 youth participants from the Boys and Girls Club, HYPE Athletics, Detroit PAL and the YMCA. All of the participating youth will receive shirts featuring the Detroit Tigers Kids’ Opening Day logo, a cheer card, and have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lunch at the park.
The winning entries:
Maxwell Hosmer
Age: 10
To me, I have tons of ideas on how to hit a homerun for my health and this is just a few. One way that is fun is to just on nice days play some baseball for fun with a friend. This is a nice way to have fun instead of playing video games. Another is to eat fruits and vegetables instead of maybe junk food like chips and crackers. Something else could be to do more than an hour of exercise per day. Some may think that is that a lot but to me, that is not a lot at ALL. Any sport is good for health so playing baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, kickball or even just running around is good for your health. Another good way for me is to attend walking club at school to exercise in the morning.
Another way I hit a homerun for my health is to teach little kids how important it is to eat healthy to get better at sports and more. I tell my neighbor that playing sports is a good way to stay healthy. Sometimes I like to tell little kids at school about eating healthy and how important it is to exercise instead of watching TV. Even just going outside and going to a park can help me get better at baseball. This was just a few out of the tons of ways to stay healthy!
Trinity Martin
Age: 12
Hello, my name is Trinity Martin and I am in the 6th grade at Spain School. Health is not an easy topic for me to talk about with anyone these days. You see I am an overweight girl and my self-esteem, motivation, and health are not the best.
I have both of my parents, two sisters, 8 & 9 years old and a brother, 3 years old. They are thin and healthy. We all have bad dental issues (brushing regularly) and I eat things that I shouldn’t. My thinking is to hit this homerun as strong and hard as I can, like Cabrera. To put my heart, soul and body into making me be the best I can in 2014. It’s hard seeing other kids fit into nice clothes. I’ve started doing some exercises and I walk a lot more. My motivation now is seeing my cousin weighing 85lbs less. She’s very pretty in a size 16 now from a 22 last summer.
My Auntie Joy enrolled me into a girl’s mentoring program (Urban Rose Foundation), for two years and I enjoy it. I want to lose weight, get healthier, and stay ahead in my studies. The only way to do this is by believing in me, loving me, and running around those bases at Comerica Park with The Detroit Tigers!
Summyr & Wynter McClain
Age: 13
To stay healthy you need to exercise, eat nutritional foods, take vitamins, practice cleanliness/safety awareness, get plenty of rest and be obedient. This is how my brother, Wynter and I, Summyr McClain practice hitting a homerun for our health. We start our day making it to first base with prayer, cleanliness (tidying our room) and hygiene (brushing teeth and showering).
Moving to second base, we eat a good healthy breakfast so we’ll have energy to help us to stay focused to make it to third base where we have our daily educational and physical activities. After a balanced lunch, we’re motivated to make a “Home Run” to be with our family. After discussing how our day went, we eat a delicious dinner and get ready for the next day by getting plenty of sleep.
Brooke Solomon
Age: 11
Many people think you can only hit a home run in baseball, but you can hit a home run in everything, especially your health. I am a very athletic kid and my main sport is tennis, so saying healthy is important. To stay healthy you can do something as simple of 20-30 minutes of exercise a day even if it’s just running, also to remain healthy you have to eat right. Eating sugary foods may taste good but you shouldn’t always eat them. Fruit and veggies are tasty and are good for you, they are a home run for your health!
Next, you can hit a home run with you health by participating in a sport you enjoy, so that it can be fun and you it will be a great way to stay healthy. When I play tennis I don’t just hit on the court but I also I work out in a gym and I prepare myself mentally. But I don’t only play one sport I also play basketball, and run track to help me stay healthy. I stay healthy because first of all when you are healthy you are less likely to become sick. Secondly, staying healthy gives you options of doing something fun like playing a sport or and activity. Also, it will help me to keep these skills even when I’m older because I started at a young age. Finally, I will be stronger and have a better functioning body. Everyone should try to become healthy and stay that way.


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