New Clothing Line Promotes Christianity and Self-Empowerment Through Fashion Set to Launch Spring Collection March/April 2014

“ Stay Focused, Stay Humble, Stay Blessed” – Stay Blessed Apparel
DETROIT – Stay Blessed Apparel is a Detroit-based clothing company founded in the fall of 2013. Today they proudly announce the launch of their 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. SBA brings value, purpose, and style to each design, with positive, inspirational, and motivational messages to empower and uplift all those who wear or see them. Each piece has been constructed with the utmost attention to fit and comfort, at a valued price to the consumer.
Stay Blessed Apparel’s founders, Christopher Grace and Kevandre Thompson, not only combine their knowledge of culture and business, but they also identify with the plight the city of Detroit faces, from poverty and crime, to unwise decisions made by the youth.
“When you look at these other clothing lines designs; what is their purpose and what do they really mean to the consumers who purchase them?” said Christopher Grace. “This generation is at a disarray. Whenever I watch the news I see I instantly get disappointed and wonder how can I help bring hope and inspiration. So I decided I wanted to be apart of the solution that could make a lasting impact.” said Kevandre Thompson.
The Stay Blessed Apparel clothing line will consist of a full lifestyle collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Purposely curated to allow the customer to mix and match their foundations to their every need.  The collection is a reflection of their tagline. “Promoting positivity and spiritual awareness each and everyday.” The collection focuses Christian-based unique designs with inspirational messages that encourages self-empowerment and moraility.
Stay Blessed Apparel also does custom designs for churches, schools, family reunions or other events. To combat this plight youth empowerment and mentorship is apart of their business as well.
Visit to check out their current Fall/Winter Collection for a limited time only.


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