Fat Tuesday Is Paczki Day In Detroit

Historically, Fat Tuesday was an opportunity for Polish Catholics to eat all the sugar, eggs and lard in their house before Lent. Whether Catholic or not, however, Detroiters knew a good holiday when they tasted it and headed to Hamtramck — the city that made Fat Tuesday a week-long holiday.
Paczki – Places
New Palace Bakery
New Palace Bakery has been a Hamtramck institution for more than 100 years, and they’re experts on traditional Paczki, with 12 traditional fillings and five specialty fillings to choose from.
New Martha Washington Bakery
Rivaling New Palace with their wide selection of flavors, the New Martha Washington Bakery draws one of the biggest crowds on Fat Tuesday, and once met the challenge to make the largest Paczki in Michigan.
Dutch Girl Donuts
One of Detroit’s best-loved donut shops, the family-owned Dutch Girl bakery is famous for making your favorite pastries the old-fashioned way. While donuts are their specialty, they mix things up and add Paczki to the menu for Fat Tuesday.
West Warren Baking Company
The West Warren Baking Company was opened by the Petkovski family when they emigrated from the former Yugoslavia more than 50 years ago.
Paczki-Related Events
In addition to eating paczki, Detroiters can head to Hamtramck to simply celebrate them:
Paczki Run 2014 is a 5K run through Hamtramck on the Saturday before Paczki Day. The event is apparently aimed at helping people make room for those paczki.
Small’s Bar opens at 10 AM on Paczki Day and offers live music, Polish food and, of course, its now famous Paczki Bomb.


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