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In light of black history month we would like to spotlight an organization created by three young female ladies titled; Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful. Lauren, Brittany, and Courtney saw a need for recognition and awareness among female entrepreneurs, hence the birth of Y.A.B.
“In addition to the lack of female business synergy being promoted in news media and entertainment, we felt that it was imperative that we start a business organization that helped to not only promote women of color in business but also develop them along the way,” remakes Y.A.B.
Y.A.B targets the age bracket of 18-35  with efforts to  spread the movement by their motto, cultivate success within yourself and others. Engaging members through a series of events, currently lined up for 2014 includes: A Vision Board Brunch, LinkedUp!: An event on how to utilize LinkedIn properly as a networking tool and career opportunity, An After Hour Affair: Power Women Edition, Self-Discipline Challenge, and a Mother-Daughter Health event.

In addition to Y.A.B., they also developed a mentorship program, From Girls to Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful Women. This program works with young girls of middle school and high school age by hosting workshops and conferences on different key components to achieving the success they desire. Currently hosting social media and etiquette workshops at The University of Michigan Detroit Center, Bunche Middle School in Detroit, Wayne County Community College, and Fisher Middle School in Detroit. Additionally, they have an internship program for high school and college young ladies for their social media and editorial department.

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