The Pioneer Behind Detroit Vs. Everybody Clothing Brand

When you hear the words Detroit Vs. Everybody, you immediately associate the struggles and negative cognition from media, and the epidemic of a falling city, to the self-proclaimed attitude of us against the world. This expression carries a profound meaning and value to diehard Detroit natives, but to entrepreneur Tommey Walker this is not only as phrase, but a growing business to enlighten, strengthen, and shed a positive light on the city of Detroit.
“I’ve always felt like Detroit has such a potent energy, if you can make it in Detroit, you can make it anywhere. We never get the credit we deserve, we make these big dents in America history, through the automobile industry, and Motown, but only the negative is publicized. There are beautiful things going on here,” said Walker, creator of DVE, graphic designer, creative artist and entrepreneur.
Walker started Detroit Vs. Everybody in 2012 as a homegrown label. Walker created DVE clothing as an impression of integrity illustrating the spirit and pride of an unseen upbeat Detroit. He describes his clothing as “wearable art.” Originally offering merchandise online, the natural progression of his business has grown to a storefront inside of Greektown Casino,
“I want DVE to be a landmark for Detroit, I think we are the pioneers for everything, it’s something here they haven’t given us credit,” said Walker.
“National and international recognition has come to and has led many cities to try to duplicate the Vs. Everybody expression. This is such a form of flattery, people everywhere are curious about our city, people are interested, and non-Detroiters gravitate towards the voice of Detroit.”
Walker is no stranger to the creative, artistic industry. Before the birth of DVE, he attended Wayne State University for two years and an art institute. He first gained recognition as being a creative designer for local artist Big Sean, designing his album cover.
His words of advice to those he mentors: “You can really do whatever you want, if you know what you want. Take a step back and look. You always have what you need.”
Walker says he is blessed with a mother who enrolled him in many extra-curriculum activities, exposing him to different things.
While many people were taking their talents elsewhere, Detroit held a special place in his heart, allowing him the creativity to brand his image and create new and fresh ideas.
“I look at myself as being on the leading edge of creative thought, I stay working,” he said.
“I don’t care about a lot of stuff, or get wrapped up in other things. I just allow my mind to be used for my vision.”
We can expect so much more for DVE. In his most recent endeavor, Walker teamed up with Shady Records, an American record label founded in 1999 by Detroit rapper Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg, giving birth to Shady Vs. Everybody.
The success of DVEcontinues to grow.
Starting April 1 we can expect a children’s line and and pet line of DVE.
You can purchase merchandise online at or visit the store at front located at 400 Monroe St. #340, in Detroit.

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