Top 2014 Black Business Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

Every year, many events are held across the country that cater to established or aspiring African-American business owners, professionals, authors, bloggers, and more. Literally thousands of people travel to network and do business at such events. These events are usually held in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and New York, and typically include extensive training workshops, speeches, networking sessions, grand hall expos and more.
To help readers find the best events, we have listed all of the annual African American business conferences.
African American Pavilion at Book Expo America
As a part of BookExpo America, this event is one of the largest book trade exhibits in the world, providing independent African-American book publishers, self-publishers, authors, African-American imprints at major publishing houses, distributors, literary agents, publicists, librarians and bookstore owners with exposure to more than 80,000 book buyers and booksellers from across the world.
Usually held in May in Los Angeles or New York City.
AT&T Black Business Conference
This conference is an exciting, jam-packed four-day conference of workshops, symposiums, receptions and networking opportunities held during the first week of IBE’s Summer Celebration. The goal is to provide a venue to empower minority- and women-owned business owners with information and resources that assist them in achieving financial stability and sustainability for their companies.
Usually held in July in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference
As the country’s premier business conference and networking event for African-American entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professionals, the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference is the only venue where leaders of the nation’s largest Black-owned businesses gather at one place, one time and with one purpose.
Usually held in May. Location varies.
Black Writers on Tour
This conference aims to give broad public exposure to authors and writers; increase book sales; motivate, and develop aspiring new writers among children and adults; expose parents and educators to materials and programs for reading improvement; provide an outreach platform for publishers and information providers to the buying public and the literary industry. 
Usually held in April in Los Angeles, California.
Black Writers Reunion and Conference
This conference is well known for its engaging workshop presenters, outstanding topics, inspirational ambience, and professional organization. The mission is to educate, support and motivate aspiring, emerging, and published writers. They promote and encourage artistic expression and growth through skill development in the art, craft and business of creative writing in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama as well as business and career endeavors in professional writing.
Usually held in August. Location varies.
Blogging While Brown Conference
This conference is the premier blogging conference dedicated to education, collaboration and innovation among bloggers of color. The conference brings Black social media experts, speakers, and independent content creators together to educate, inspire and expand their influence in social media and technology. Along with panel discussions, keynotes and networking opportunities this two-day event also includes blogger training workshops.
Usually held in June. Location varies. Multicultural Business Conference
This conference is for any person with an interest in and concern for building the economy, educational system and society through inclusion. There are numerous networking and educational sessions for attendees to build business relationships for multicultural owned businesses and major corporations.
Usually held in April. Location varies.
FraserNet Power Networking Conference
FraserNet is a global leadership network of 60,000 Black professionals, business owners, and community leaders. They are focused on economic development through education, training and empowerment for Black people. They train, educate and equip them with new skills, new thinking and new approaches for personal, professional and financial success in the 21st century.
Usually held in June. Location varies.
National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) Conference
The mission of this conference is to develop and foster business growth for African Americans and other ethnic groups by serving as a conduit for learning, teaching and networking for success. They seek to cultivate those aspects of the Black experience that can produce results for both our constituency, community and institutions, both private and public.
Usually held in April. Location varies.
National Black Book Festival
This annual event, sponsored by, the world’s largest African-American retailer online, attracts a wide array of authors, publishers, book clubs, libraries and individual readers nationwide.
Usually held in October in Houston, Texas.
National Black MBA Association Conference
This event, for African Americans who have earned or would like to earn their MBA, is dedicated to developing partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the Black community. It aims to increase awareness and facilite access to graduate management education programs and career opportunities in management fields.
Usually held in September. Location varies.
National Black Writers Conference
This event provides writers, scholars, literary professionals, students and the general public with a forum for engaging in dynamic and spirited conversations, panel discussions, readings, workshops and performances on themes related to migration, cultural memory, popular culture, and the natural environment.
Usually held in April. Location varies.
Tag Team Marketing Black Business Network Events
Powered by Tag Team Marketing, these events are leading a global movement, inspired by the work of Marcus Garvey, to create billions in Black-on-Black commerce and move the Black community into a position of economic power. The Black Business Network is committed to encouraging Black people to buy from Black-owned businesses consistently, on a massive scale.
Dates and locations vary.

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