Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries To Provide Emergency Shelter For Homeless During Cold Spell

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries prepares to provide emergency shelter for more of the area’s homeless during frigid weather spell
As the Detroit area braces for record-breaking cold temperatures, the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries DRMM) is preparing for an influx in the number of homeless individuals and families seeking shelter from the dangerous, frigid weather. DRMM emergency shelter residents generally stay overnight and are provided meals, clothing and the opportunity to shower.
However, DRMM will allow the homeless to remain in its emergency shelters longer during this bitter cold spell. When available beds are full, chairs will be set up to accommodate the overflow of people seeking shelter from the cold weather. DRMM provides shelter counselors who assess the clients, encourage them to apply for long-term services, and help get their emergency medical and counseling needs met.
Detroit Rescue Mission, 3535 Third, Detroit (Men’s Facility)
Oasis, 13220 Woodward Avenue, Highland Park (Men’s Facility)
Genesis House III, 2015 Webb, Detroit (Women & Children’s Facility)


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