City of Detroit activates residential street snow plowing plan

The City of Detroit’s Department of Public works is announcing that it has activated its residential street snow clearing plan. Beginning this afternoon, contracted snow removal crews will begin plowing the city’s 1880 miles of residential side streets.
The city has a standing arrangement with three contractors who divide responsibilities among 10 pre-determined sectors across the city. Per their agreement, the contractors have 24 hours from the time they are put on notice by the city to complete their snow removal operations.
Under the city’s snow removal policy, the city plows side streets when there has been an accumulation of more than six inches of snow to keep the streets passable.
Note: To improve the effectiveness of the residential street snow removal effort, residents are being asked to remove their vehicles from their street if at all possible until the city has had a chance to clear the snow.
Meanwhile, approximately 40 city snow removal crews continue to salt and plow the 660 miles of major city roads under its jurisdiction.

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