Local Movie Director Addresses Fidelity In Latest Project (VIDEO)


What topic, besides politics, is one of the most controversial to discuss? Relationships. Why? Since relationship causes both joy and pain, everyone “wants one” or wants to “get rid of one.” Derek Vitatoe, an up and coming metro Detroit writer-producer-director, tackles this topic in his new short film, FIDELITY.

Tackle, is an operative word to use for this former college football star, turned writer. He can be spotted at the local coffee shop, penning an expansion to his repertoire of creative projects. Writing has become a leisurely hobby for Derek Vitatoe. The former college football athlete always knew he would be an author/screenwriter as the organized sport prepared the groundwork for the discipline of his writing career.

Now, Derek takes his writing experience to quietly craft stories that come to life on the big screen. His latest project, FIDELITY, dives deep into the connections of relationships and why some people find it hard to let go.


FIDELITY follows Terrell and his partner, Perri, and their pursuit of togetherness. They live the good life, happiness abound, but when a bitter ex attempts to destroy their union, will the love they share for each other prevail or will they become victimized by jealously?

At his local premiere on November 16th, the audience will be able to engage the writer and director in a discussion on male-female relationships and share solutions or their problems. Hopefully, the audience will not turn into a “Jerry Springer” audience. Either way, it is bound to be an exciting event for movie goers, who can obtain their ticket for the premiere/relationship discussion at www.hidproductions.com

By day, Derek continues to work in Human Resources in the Detroit and Indiana area. He is a graduate of Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, where he received a Master’s in Human Resources, a Bachelor’s in Sociology and minored in Criminal Justice.

Making his dreams come true, Derek is moving beyond the stereotypical image of a thirty-something, African-American male. He is creating storylines that resonates with the many lives of those who actually live it. Derek is in fact creating seamless storylines that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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