Red Bull House of Art Debuts Fifth Cycle of Artists on Friday, Aug. 9th


Red Bull House of Art is continuing its contribution to the cultural cache of Detroit’s internationally renowned art scene with the unveiling of its fifth cycle of artists on Friday, August 9 with a public gallery opening. The Eastern Market workspace and gallery has given eight Detroit artists the opportunity to create without limits, exploring their respective mediums including steel sculpture and clay, pastels and oil paints as well as acrylic paints and mixed media.
From the involved clay and ink pieces artist/local entrepreneur Elysia Vandenbussche creates to steel sculpture artist Steven McShane — the first to bring such a medium to the Red Bull House of Art — each artist at the gallery is bringing an incredible force of authenticity and creativity to the gallery walls. Desiree Kelly’s humor-driven pieces spark both laughter and conversation. Christopher Batten’s storyline of acrylic paints and collage are classic yet conceptual. Where Jesse Kassel’s work draws heavily from vintage advertisements and graphic design, Camille LaMontagne is introducing Baroque elements and complex, contemporary patterns into hers. For Carolyn Webber, everything she sees and interacts with on a daily basis becomes a part of her art, acting as a sort of reflective love letter to her everyday world.

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