VIDEO: Bing and Orr Address The City Regarding Detroit’s Chapter 9 Bankruptcy


In a press conference Thursday evening, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr addressed the city of Detroit regarding the city’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing.

Mayor Bing begin the conference with the following opening statements:

“We tried to work our way through the situation over the last 4 years, but it’s been very difficult”

Mayor Bing continued with his thought on the bankruptcy filing:

As tough as this is, I really didn’t want to go in this direction, but now that we are here, we have to make the best of it. I think Orr and the team he has brought together, has a lot of history of succeeding. This is very difficult for all of us, but if it’s going to make the citizens better off, then this is a new start for us.

Mayor Bing, then turned the podium over to Emergency Manager Keyvn Orr, who wanted to reassure the citizens of Detroit:

I want to reassure them as far as things are concern for the provision of services and the conduct of city business, it is business in the ordinary course. Services will remain open, paycheck will be made, bills will be paid, nothing changes from the standpoint of the ordinary citizens viewpoint.

Orr continued with a closing statement on what’s Detroit’s next steps are:

What this does, is gives us a opportunity begin to address some of the cities overbearing debt, begin to provide the level of services, and address the health, safety and welfare concerns of the citizens of the city and to move forward to a fresh start for this great city. 

I don’t have more to say, because we will have further discussion about what this means going forward tomorrow.

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