Bed too hot? Boomers Seek Cool Ways To Chill


He likes it hot, but for her, the bed’s a furnace now she’s getting hot flashes. What to do?

To ease temperature-related complaints, mattress sellers and manufacturers have launched several new products to end the arguments and restless nights. These high-tech products, which include mattresses and mattress toppers, help sleepers control the temperature of their beds.

“The main complaint is that usually one of the two is fine and one isn’t, and that makes it very difficult for a couple to get a balance in the bedroom,” said Pete Bils, vice president of sleep innovation and clinical research for Sleep Number, a unit of Select Comfort. “Usually one is too hot, and the other could be too cold.”

While baby-boomers are not the only market for these products, they are a sizable portion of buyers as women seek ways to reduce the effects of hot flashes linked to menopause. Continue To 


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