Shinola Opens In Detroit


A high-end boutique with an in-house juice bar might seem like a surprising fit for Detroit — even a risky venture. But people came out in droves last weekend to eye Shinola’s American-made watches, bicycles and leather goods, with more than 2,000 visiting the new brand’s flagship store during Thursday night’s preview and the following first three days.

As attendees of the preview event kicked the tires of the sleek bicycles, witnessed a jit performance by a local dance troupe and drank juice and adult beverages, Creative Director Daniel Caudill was besieged by well-wishers. Maybe customers were swayed by the space: the artfully arranged, light-filled space on Canfield Street in Midtown seems designed to hold more than just serious shoppers.

“We want people to come in, sit down, touch the leather, try on the watch, be a part of the brand and feel comfortable,” Caudill said. “This is a place where you can touch product and hang out. Not just buy a watch, buy the right watch for you.” Continue to HuffPost…


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