The Secret to a Better BLT?


The BLT, as we’ve said many times over in this publication, is a perfect sandwich–and a perfectable one, too. In 2011, we declared it the Best. Sandwich. Ever. Earlier this month, we showed you Six Ways to Upgrade the BLT. And our boss, editor in chief Adam Rapoport, even went on the Today show to demonstrate the perfect BLT technique.

And yet somehow, in all this bacon-lettuce-tomato frenzy, we’ve overlooked one BLT variation with which I’m particularly enamored: the all-grilled BLT. Yes, that’s right, a BLT in which every ingredient (save one!) has spent time on the grill.

Why would you want to make this? Well, because it’s summer, and you’re probably grilling already, and because the grill makes an awesome sandwich that much awesomer. To make it, though, you have to think ahead and prepare carefully. Here’s how to do it.

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