Urban Ag Development Plans To Hire Recovering Addicts, Ex-Prisoners


Gary Wozniak is cultivating an urban farming initiative in Detroit that he says could create 18,000 new jobs in the city over the next two decades. Those kind of numbers are likely to perk up the ears of job-seekers in the Motor City, where the unemployment rate hovers around 23 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wozniak, a former financial consultant, is the driving force behind a nonprofit called RecoveryPark, which is developing three separate but related agricultural projects: an urban farm spread out over a 2,475-acre zone on Detroit’s east side, a food processing center and an indoor fish farm. 

Talk about large-scale urban agriculture in Detroit in recent years has largely focused on financial services magnate John Hantz, whose plan for the world’s largest urban farm evolved into a deal last year to create a 140-acre commercial tree-farming operation in the city. Continue to Huffington Post…


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