Bamboozled: Breast Mutilation as Preventive Care?



The mainstream corporate-controlled media is heralding Angelina Jolie’s decision to have her perfectly healthy breasts and ovaries removed as an act of women’s liberation and the hopeful prevention of her supposed high risk of getting breast cancer in the future. Angelina was bamboozled, just like other high-profile celebrities Sharon Osbourne and Miss America contestant Allyn Rose, who took the same measures.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see where this insane medical advice could ultimately lead: At risk for kidney cancer?…Remove your kidneys. Risk of colon cancer?…Take out your colon. Lung cancer?…Remove lungs, just in case. That is the logic of the cancer industry and doctors who have deceived Jolie and countless other sheeple (including the legions that follow the “Think Pink” people) into maiming their bodies based on FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and medical quackery. For that matter of ill advice, hell, why not just gut your whole body, to be on the “safe” side?!

Sadly, the cancer industry raises billions of dollars yearly based on irrational fears spread by doctors and the media, yet there is still NO cure in sight. The fact of the matter is that cancer is a systemic metabolic condition, not some “gene” passed down from the family tree. From my observation, the ONLY hereditary disease is ignorance. Even if cancer is diagnosed in breast tissue, that is not the only place it is growing. Therefore, the idea that someone can prevent cancer by just removing their breasts is absurd. If the conditions for cancer are present in the body [due to nutritional deficiencies, exposure to chemicals, fluoride toothpaste, aluminum deodorants, fungi, estrogen from soy & chicken, processed foods, pork, uncontrolled stress, radiation (mammograms), etc.], cancer will develop in ANY area of the body, not just in breast tissue.

Yet, now that the media and mainstream medicine are pushing Ms. JoIie’s decision to remove her breasts and ovaries, I can almost read the next headline. It would quote Good Morning America’s anchor Robin Roberts stating something like: “I wish that I had a preventative mastectomy too. Then I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in now” (sick, bald caused by chemotherapy, or in need of blood transfusions). It is shameful how the media and cancer industry parade this once beautiful African-American woman around like a side show in a circus to promote their agenda. It is especially shameful considering the fact that a woman’s risk of breast cancer can be reduced by 80% by simply adding Vitamin D (sunshine).

Living a healthy, anti-cancer lifestyle-based on smart nutrition, exercise, sensible sunlight exposure, a spiritual connection with the Creator, and avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals-are the most effective things people can do to PREVENT cancer. Being bamboozled and breast-less is not the answer; it only continues to promote more suffering and ‘medisin’. For that matter, imagine how it would be if all men starting getting their testicles removed to prevent possible testicular cancer? That would make about as much sense as: ‘hey, let’s all remove the wheels from our cars so we do not get a flat tire!’ Mindless!

Dr. Scott Whitaker is a Naturopathic Doctor and author of the nationwide best seller “Medisin,” with over 25 years of experience helping people eradicate their health conditions through detoxification, smart nutrition, and healing through education. Dr. Whitaker is available for lectures, interviews and consultations by contacting: or toll-free 1-888-633-4746. His website


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