Damon Dash Faces Eviction From NY Home

Damon Dash Faces Eviction From NY HomeDamon Dash Faces Eviction From NY HomeDamon Dash Faces Eviction From NY Home

Rap mogul Damon Dash, left, and Rachel Roy arrive to the Cipriani Wall Street concert series in downtown Manhattan, New York where Alicia Keys performed on Thursday, June 23, 2005. (AP Photo/Adam Rountree)

Damon Dash, who made millions with Jay-Z as co-partners of Rock-A-Fella Records and Rocawear clothing line, is now millions in debt and facing eviction, the New York Daily News reports[1].

“I am currently several months behind in paying my personal bills,” he wrote Tuesday in a 5-page court filing. “For instance, I am currently over $100,000 behind in rent for the only home in which I live and at risk of being evicted.”

The home Dash is referring to is a mansion in Carmel, N.Y. that he reportedly described in a 2011 article as “equipped with a full music studio, a pool, hardwood floors and a spectacular view.”

One would think he’d settle for a studio in Brooklyn to save a few dollars, but frugality does not seem to be Dash’s cup of tea.

He appeared Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday to challenge a charge of ignoring a 2008 lawsuit from a garment industry lender seeking payback for a $237,078 loan.

The once headline-making music executive has a number of financial issues that are bleeding his bank account. In a recent sworn statement, Dash asked a judge not to garnish his wages for the following reasons:

– He pays $24,000 every three months to his ex-wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy, for child support of their two kids, and to cover money owed on the lofts.

– New York state forces Dash to send another $4,341.10 per month for support of his son, Christian.

– He paid nearly $20,000 in garnished wages in late 2012 for other debts.

– And he faces a pending $40,000 tax payment for business earnings.

The aforementioned financial issues have “made it not only nearly impossible for me to maintain my businesses, they have caused me to fall far behind on my personal expenses,” Dash wrote in the sworn statement.

The Daily News said Dash declined to get into the specifics of his finances, but “flashed cell phone shots of art galleries he owns in Charleston, S.C., and Hong Kong.”

“I’m an independent businessman and this is what comes from business,” Dash said in an email from his attorney, Gregg A. Pinto. “I have the guts to fight my battles on my own and it’s entertainment to everybody else because I’m so cool about it.”


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