105-Year-Old Bacon Woman Credits Tasty Meat For Her Long Life



105-year-old bacon woman sounds like a post-modern art piece, but it actually refers to a sweet grandmother who has found the secret to life – delicious bacon.

Pearl Cantrell is 105-years-old and she really loves bacon. In fact, she eats bacon for every meal. She is also a bacon ambassador among her family and friends encouraging them all to enjoy pork-based meat.

It seems that her love for bacon caught the attention of Oscar Mayer. The company decided to take Cantrell’s love of meat to the next level by giving her what every bacon-loving child has ever wanted – a ride in the fabled Wienermobile. She was driven around town in the vehicle while waving to everybody.
A ride in the Wienermobile wasn’t the only thing Cantrell received though. Oscar Mayer also gave her plenty of bacon so she could continue spreading the bacon gospel throughout her hometown of Richland Springs, Texas.

After the events of the day, Cantrell says that she “will never, ever forget it, as long as I live.” Here’s hoping she lives for many more years so she can continue preaching the joys of bacon.


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