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Nationwide ( — 25-year old internet entrepreneur Eli Marcus is on a mission to build a strong and powerful Black America by promoting entrepreneurship and providing minorities with access to alterative solutions to find funding for their business project. His company sells a list of 15,000 accredited investors, venture capital firms, funding groups, High net-worth execs, and business lenders. The list contains updated contact information such as Company Name, Contact Number, E-mail Address, Website, and Location. Such sensitive and high profile information is usually sold for $3,500 plus in packages by competitors, but because of Eli Marcus’ passion for underserved communities, his company has discounted the market value over 95%. A customer can expect to spend just $50 instead of spending the usual market value. After the customer completes their transaction the full list is e-mailed to them in excel format within an hour.

Eli’s approach to black entrepreneurship is that business minded African American’s need more than encouraging words or even a list of investors, on his personal blog he places a strong focus on creating a solid business plan, summarizing your business plan into a 1 minute pitch, educating yourself on how to approach an investor entity with your business proposal, and making sure you have proven your product or service as a profitable company with room to grow.

He and a group of friends also started an entrepreneur networking group in Atlanta, Georgia called iDream Initiative. The 20 something youngsters meet at least once a month to discuss their business objectives and personal goals. Eli comments, “Having a strong support system of productive visionaries is vital for any start-up entrepreneur. It keeps them optimistic towards high possibilities and more importantly it holds everyone accountable to their vision. If a person said they plan on building this or that within a certain amount of time, the group will ask questions about their progress at each meeting. People tend to succeed more when they’re being held accountable.”

Eli continues, “ is intended to give entrepreneurs accurate investor information to help them on their journey of starting a business. Our culture has so many brilliant ideas to contribute as a service to the world, but often lack the necessary funding to effectively build a functional and profitable company from the ground up. Many of us falsely believe that the only way to receive funding for a business is to fill out a business loan application at our local bank and to keep a high credit score. If the bank rejects our loan proposal we simply take that as our business not yet being ready and worthy to pursue. My mission is to educate minorities that there are more ways to get funded than the local bank. Furthermore, there are countless financial scams that collects outrageous ” up front fee’s” from entrepreneurs under false pretenses. I don’t believe in that practice. My job is to supply you with legitimate funding sources, and your job is to contact the investor via e-mail, phone, or even visit in person to pitch them your business proposal. To gain my customer’s trust, I provide them with a free sample of our investor list package, where they can verify the investor contacts on the list. I also provide each paid customer with a free educational presentation on how to write a business plan and how to approach investors on the list. At the end of the day it’s all about building a powerful black America. I want more multi-billion dollar black owned businesses in America, because that’s the kind of progress that will solve the issue of the black unemployment rate being twice that of white Americans. I have faith in black entrepreneurs in the private sector to solve some of the issues of poverty and the lack of opportunity in the black community. A passive dependence on government to jump in and say something about black unemployment has proven to be wasteful. It’s time we take a different and more proactive approach to what capitalism is and how to use capitalism to benefit our communities into abundant prosperity.”

When asked about his future career goals, Eli Marcus states he plans to one day start a Venture Capital firm with a focus on technology, energy, and internet companies. He says his underlined agenda will always be to promote entrepreneurship in underserved communities.

Those interested in obtaining the list of 15,750 direct funding sources such as accredited investors, funding groups, investment firms, and business lenders should visit


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