Severe Weather Threat in the Southeast Michigan Area


Red Cross Issues Safety Information


APRIL 18, 2013, SOUTHEAST MISevere Weather is threatening the Southeast Michigan area today. A tornado watch has been issued for all of Southeast Michigan.

The Red Cross recommends for severe thunderstorms, make sure to learn about your local community’s emergency warning and alert system.  Discuss thunderstorm safety with all members of your household so everyone knows what to do when a storm hits and pick a safe place in your home for household members to gather during a thunderstorm. This should be away from windows, skylights and glass doors that could be broken by strong winds or hail.

If a tornado is possible make sure you know the difference between a tornado watch and warning.

  • A Tornado Watch means tornadoes are possible in and near the watch area so be ready to take cover if a warning is issued. 
  • A Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Take cover immediately!

To always have up to date severe weather and tornado information, download the free official Tornado App from the American Red Cross. All you need to know to prepare for a tornado in the palm of your hand! You can download the app directly from iTunes and Google Play app stores

It’s important to take the appropriate steps to be prepared so during any storm, listen to local news or a NOAA Weather Radio to stay informed about watches and warnings. Make sure you are aware of your community alert and warning system and make sure you pick a safe room where household members and pets may gather during a tornado. Make sure the room is on the lowest floor with no windows such as a basement, or storm cellar.

.Don’t forget with severe weather comes heavy downpours and flooding. Make sure to listen to area radio and television stations for possible flood warnings and reports of flooding in progress. If a flood or flash flood warning is issued for your area, head for higher ground and stay there. Don’t try and drive through a flooded road, turn around and go another way. Keep children out of the water, it can be filled with debris or contaminated and finally, make sure your just as cautious at night as you would be during the day, flooding and flash floods can happen at any moment.

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