He did it and you can too

Bishop Gregory Davis went from fat to fit


Bishop Greg Davis is a living example of the power that faith and determination can have in our lives. This week, the 50-year-old author, recording artist, producer and Impact Network host, who once topped the scale at 248 pounds, agreed to share his own personal weight loss journey with our readers in the hope that they too will be inspired to bring their bodies into the Divine Order of God.

These are his words. This is his story. – Editor

The Tradition

It was a tradition . . . two fried, smothered pork chops, a double side of rice, candied yams, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, with a side of barbecue sauce. I topped it off with a large sweet tea. I ate this every Wednesday before Bible Class. It is a wonder that I could get up, stand up in the pulpit, and teach with such power and anointing after physically being weighed down with all this food. But this was not just a “Wednesday Ritual.” No, I ate all sorts of fried foods and cake.

I thought I was doing my body a favor by drinking Sprite because there was nothing wrong with clear sodas. So I thought! I did this for several years, not taking any consideration or thought to what damage I could be doing to my body.


I was obese, tipping the scales at 248 pounds. And sadly, it did not matter to me. Like most people, things did not really hit home for me until something happened. For me, that something was type 2 diabetes.


As is the case with most people, a change in my body’s normal ‘state’ caused me to seek advice from my doctor, whose tests confirmed that I had type 2 diabetes.

Although medication is always the recommended course of treatment in cases of hyper-elevated blood sugar levels like mine, I chose to address my weight-induced diabetes head on — through exercise and lifestyle changes alone.

It was a risky decision that required immediate changes in my everyday habits. So I went to work.


I began the process listening to my doctor’s advice to start eating good foods and eliminating the unhealthy habits. I was given a list of foods to avoid, proper portion control, and an exercise routine that needed to be followed despite the demands associated with my ministry, TV show, radio appearances and travel.

Although it was extremely difficult, I followed his guidelines daily. By my next doctor’s visit, my blood sugar had dropped down within a normal range thanks to my 15 pound weight loss.


The urgency of my medical condition required incredible self discipline devoid of excuses and days off.

Over time, I learned to embrace it and make it my friend. And, as a result, I’ve only missed 5 days of exercise since I began my quest. While it wasn’t always the case, exercise has become an enjoyable part of my daily life.

I’ve also learned better self-control. I choose not to ‘reward’ myself with unhealthy snacks or succumb to days of eating whatever I want.

Of course, I’ve been tempted to stray, but my commitment (and fear) kept me focused. Breaks in routines only lead to temptation, which threatens to disrupt success.


Discipline is required in all aspects of life. Never take a day off from doing the right thing and you will be rewarded. I’ve ditched old habits and acquired new swag.

For the first time in many years, I’m able to buy clothes off the rack. I enjoy clearer thought, easier breathing, and don’t experience chest pain or tightening before or after preaching.

The Choice is Easy

I travel several times weekly without the luxury of a personal chef or access to a kitchen stocked with fresh foods, so I have learned to make good food selections when eating out. I typically eat oatmeal for breakfast, plenty of salads, chicken and salmon for my meals. Snacks consist of nuts and graham crackers with fruit in moderation.

I’ve learned that restaurants will respond to food preparation requests, but you do have to speak up and ask.

Switch up Your Routine

Exercising in different locations and in different ways is necessary for me because I bore easily. I focus on a combination of walking and running on the treadmill, the elliptical machine and outdoor exercise. Changes in scenery keep my interest and make it easier to stick to a daily routine.

Find out what works for you and stick with it. You can do it!

Strive for Success

When you feel challenged, it is good to remind yourself that God left you here with a purpose. There is vision on the inside of you. There is destiny inside of you. And you will succeed against the odds. I did, and you can, too. 


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