Strength In Struggle!


Situations in life can bring you to a breaking point, but will you break down or break 
through?  You can never become stronger until you exercise strength in the midst of 
struggle.  How long will you remain sick and tired of being sick and tired?  It’s time to 
break free of the trials that have broken you down!

A setback is only disguised as a setup for your comeback. You didn’t make it this far to
stay where you are, move forward. Every lesson is a blessing, preparing you for life’s
testing. You have the power to persevere. You may struggle, but there is strength within
to overcome. You can think positive in a negative situation.

We must especially inject the spirit of “I CAN” into the lives of young people. Many of
our youth are raised in fatherless homes and that much more are void of mentors. We
must teach our youth not to define themselves by what they have, but define
themselves by who they are. However, if we don’t teach them about true values and
purpose, their lives will be immersed in materialism rather than optimism.

If you don’t have Air Jordan’s, if you lose your friends, if you don’t have a million dollars,
do you still know who you are? So many people lose things and lose themselves too,
because they make the mistake of defining themselves by what they lack or gain.
Your situation does not define you, it’s how you handle the situation and overcome the
obstacle. Define yourself by how you handle what you go through. You’re alive not just
to survive, but to thrive. Transform your pain into power, your test into a testimony, and
your mess into a message.

The resilient spirit of a survivor will lead to success. Don’t be BITTER, things are going
to get BETTER. You are not a victim, you are victorious. You may be going through hell,
but keep going because victory is on the other side. In spite of the struggles you face,
God has given you the strength to overcome. Walk by faith and be determined to not
just go through, but GROW through every situation.

Eddie Connor


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