“Hell Followed My Exit” Kilpatrick Turns To Social Media

After five months of sitting in court while federal prosecutors aired their case against him, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is waiting for a jury to decide his fate. 

But in the meantime, Kilpatrick has been active on both social media sites Facebook and Twitter using the outlets as a form of inexpensive PR to restore his image as a God-fearing family man. Posting multiple pictures of his family along with praise of his loved ones and self-help quips, Kilpatrick is focusing on the positive—his family and God—and decrying the haters.

He posts regular inspirational nuggets for his Twitter followers: 

“No Doubt! Sometimes through pain, darkness, tight spaces, u are pushed to rebirth. Just like the womb Bro! Blessings to u!” And: Guy just asked if “I was mad at everybody.” No Sir! When I finally forgave myself, I knew I couldn’t harbor unforgiveness of others. #newlife.”

Kilpatrick, his father Bernard, and longtime contractor friend Bobby Ferguson face dozens of federal charges including extortion, bribery, conspiracy and tax fraud. The defendants pleaded not guilty and defense attorneys worked throughout the trial to argue that Kilpatrick and his co-defendants did nothing illegal, often hammering out the difference between law and ethics. During the trial, Kilpatrick was forced to sit through some of his closest confidants testifying against him in exchange for a plea deal.

Kilpatrick has made his facebook fan page a way to share his methods of getting through touch times:

 “The thing that usually devours, now feeds u. The thing that tried to kill u, is now your stepping stone for new life. #digthat.”

Kilpatrick seeks to reclaim an image he had has a family man before the years he’s spent in the spotlight amid scandal.


“My Family is Awesome! Through hell & high water, by grace, we have survived & even spiritually prospered. #footstool.” “Hello Family! Just wanted to thank you for your support, words of encouragement and prayers. I also want you to know that Joy is not a feeling, its a fruit of the Spirit. And by God’s grace, I still have mine. Much Love Family!”




“Jonas just informed me that he’d earned an all “A” report card. He also told me that Cornell Univ was “back on the table.” #mydude #blessed


Kilpatrick also has taken some chances to lash out at negative postings about him. He Tweets in response to his critics:

What stealing money? Maybe, just maybe u are ignorant & misinformed. Forget supremacy 4 a moment. What makes u right?” 

And: “Ppl hve been told 2 hate me for yrs. “It would be better when I left.’ Hell followed my exit. Hate reigned.”


Ultimately, Kilpatrick’s advice to the world, and himself, is:  “Don’t pray and doubt. Its all in God’s hands. Thankfully not the Media’s.”


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