40 Years Later, Abortion Draws Heated Debate

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and people across the country are reflecting on how our world has evolved since this monumental act of legislation legalized abortion. Many are confronted with the issue of whether or not the ‘right to choose’ will continue to be protected by law.

Nowadays, everyone has an opinion when its comes to reproductive rights. Ironically, those who have been most eagerly willing to share their thoughts have been male politicians. But, what matters most is what women have to say about their own bodies, right?

With President Barack Obama’s second term officially under way, individuals are more than ever concerned about how legislation will directly affect their daily lives. At the center of the most pressing and controversial issues are the once marginalized groups that now in large numbers make up the voice of this nation. Those who used to be called ‘minorities’ now represent the ‘majority’ when it comes to America’s identity.

The issue of women’s rights played a significant role in the 2012 presidential election. In fact, a significant portion of Obama’s vote came from single, female voters. For many, the desire to make their own choices about what to do with their bodies is a front-and-center concern.

Four decades later, the debate over abortion continues to be as heated as ever. The fight between ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ proponents looms strong with no signs of weakening any time soon.

Whatever your opinion, do you have a right to impose it on others? There are some things in life that must be protected by law. It is our Constitutional right as citizens of this country to live our lives without restraint so long as it does not infringe upon others. Some think abortion takes this notion too far. Others do not.

The choices we make about our own bodies, whether male or female, have been previously protected with fairly little interference from government. The question is: will our legal system continue to uphold the status quo in the coming years?

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