The Stars Align for Obama

Perhaps the biggest ‘rock star’ to grace the Oval Office, President Barack Obama is no stranger to the unwavering support of some of the most well known names in entertainment. Everyone from Beyonce to Bruce Springsteen has come out to let fans know they stand by the current leader of the ‘free world’.

This past weekend commemorated a series of events leading up to Obama’s second inauguration. Saturday’s Kid’s Inaugural celebration, which featured musicians Usher, Katy Perry, and the cast of Glee, gave children an opportunity to get it on the action. On Sunday, the ‘Hip Hop’ ball prepared for the president’s official swearing in with R&B singers John Legend and Marsha Ambrosius coupled with rappers Two Chainz and M-C Lyte.

The formal inauguration to take place on Monday has guaranteed performances from Pop superstars Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson as well as legendary singer James Taylor. There are rumours that musical acts Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, and even Lady Gaga will headline additional inaugural ball celebrations with performances.

This year’s inauguration has already brought out the most recognizable faces in entertainment. Fans may be more interested in hearing their favorite crooners than the recited words of the Presidential Oath.

At any rate, this week serves as a celebration of four more years. What’s a party without good music? Before things get too seriously, the series of events are a chance for folks to kick back, relax, and have a little fun in anticipation of the second term.  

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