DRIVEN: Recognizing and Giving Back

It’s one of those rare events where everyone comes together for one night, to pay tribute to African Americans who are certainly in need of being recognized.

This evening, Wednesday, January 16th, at the Cobo Center Riverview Ballroom, more than 1,500 automotive executives will come together to be honored by Real Times Media and the Michigan Chronicle at its third annual event DRIVEN – a place where trailblazers in the industry; car designers, advertisers, marketing executives, automotive suppliers, dealers and those from the race car industry – come together for a night of celebration.

For over a century now, African Americans have been a vital part of the car industry, whether it has been manufacturing cars, building unions, or owning dealerships, Blacks have been pioneers in building one of the backbones and heart centers of the American Industry.

The automotive industry has been a leader in offering Blacks a wide range of job opportunities that many other companies did not and would not provide. The contributions of African Americans in America’s automobile industry are immeasurable, and may never receive the full accolades that are warranted. However, as the automobile industry continues to evolve and thrive, one thing is for sure, Blacks will have a major impact on the industry for as long as there an automobile.

“Every year that we have done this event I am continuously overwhelmed by the excitement this event brings to African Americans…as a community,” said Hiram Jackson, CEO of Real Times Media and Publisher of the Michigan Chronicle. “The people who are honored have helped to shape the world and represents a change in the way African Americans – past, present and future – have contributed to our society as a whole.“

Zack Burgess is the Senior Writer for the Chronicle. He can be contacted at and followed on Twitter @zackburgess1. 


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