Detroit Schools Boss Might Quit If Prop 1 Fails

DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts says if Michigan voters reject Proposal 1, he might not be able to continue in his current position.

In a five page letter sent to Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday Roberts writes that without the tools provided by Public Act 4, he doesn’t believe he will be able to do his job. 

“In the absence of legislation empowering a single entity with the authority to operate the district, continued progress will be virtually impossible,” Roberts wrote.

“Therefore, while my commitment to the children of Detroit remains as strong as it was when I began this journey, without the tools provided by (the emergency manager law), I do not believe that my presence here can have any further impact.”

Roberts said he will make a decision “immediately following” the election.

In the letter, Roberts outlines how he has cut the district’s budget deficit from $327 million to $74 million. He also writes that the possible repeal of the emergency manager law would jeopardize reforms and progress made in the past 16 months.


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