Minni's Morning Coffee: In Detroit, Every Day Is Election Day


With three weeks left before Election Day, Michigan voters have plenty of time to cast their absentee ballots every day until Nov. 6 according to Detroit Election Director Daniel Baxter.

“In Detroit, every last 21 of these days is election day,” Baxter told more than 150 attendees at a voter education event on Detroit’s East side Monday night.

Earlier this month, City Clerk Janice Winfrey announced the opening of two satellite polling sites at Wayne County Community College (WCCC) East and West Campuses for voters who want to turn their absentee ballot in person.

Anyone can cast an absentee ballot, Baxter said. All you need to do is check a box that you will be out of town on election day, even if you will be in the area but expect difficulty getting to the polls on that day.


A Long Wait:

Baxter said this year’s two-page, double-sided ballot is expected to take each voter 15 minutes or more to complete, which will make for long lines at the polls on Election Day.

For seniors and those who don’t expect to have enough time in their schedule to wait to vote on Nov. 6, absentee ballots are encouraged.

Really, there are two ballots: one has the partisan and non partisan sections and the second is the proposal section which is double-sided this year with 18 City, County, State, DPS and WCCC referendums.

Do Your Homework:

With so many ballot proposals, if voters are not prepared this ballot can be intimidating. And it’s a waste of a vote to skip items on the ballot. So look at a  copy of the ballot before you vote and study these 18 initiatives so you can be respectful of everyone’s time at your polling location.

Voter turnout in Detroit has been dismal in the past with less than a quarter of the city’s electorate voting in some elections. Don’t make long lines at the polls be a bad thing. Wait it out, or vote absentee if your schedule is one that does not permit sufficient time to wait in lines cast a ballot.


If you have time today or any day before Nov. 6, stop by one of these locations to vote:

Wayne County Community College Northwest Campus:

801 West Fort Street Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 496-2600


Wayne County Community College Eastern Campus:

5901 Conner Street Detroit, MI 48213

(313) 922-3311

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