Mother Faces Life Imprisonment For Gluing Toddler to Wall, Beating Her Into Coma

Elizabeth Escalona (pictured), who stands accused of gluing her toddler to a wall then beating her into a coma as a potty training punishment, could be facing life in prison, reports The Dallas Morning News[1].

Prosecutors are seeking to put the 23-year-old mother away for 45 years. If she is convicted of felony injury to a child, she could be imprisoned for the duration of her life.

Escalona reportedly tortured her 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn Cedillo, who was brought into an emergency room back on September 11 of last year, barely clinging to life.  According to police, Escalona became enraged when the child soiled her pants, so as punishment, she allegedly super-glued Jocelyn’s hands to a wall, then beat her mercilessly in front of her other siblings.  Escalona also reportedly kicked the child in the stomach.

Dr. Amy Barton, who is credited with saving Jocelyn’s life, testified in court as she fought back tears, that the little girl had extensive bruises about her torso, bleeding in her brain and bite marks on her arm and buttocks.  On her hands, she and her team of doctors found Super Glue residue and white paint chips from the wall of Jocelyn’s apartment.  Some of the toddler’s skin had been torn off.

“The child was brought in by a private vehicle with extensive trauma. It looked like the child had been abused and wasn’t sure the child was going to make it. She had bruising on her belly,” Barton addressed the court room.

The physician also showed pictures of the little girl’s injuries during the sentencing hearing.

Jocelyn, who spent time in intensive care in a coma became a ward of the state, along with her four siblings, after she recovered.

The child and her siblings now live with their grandmother, Ofelia Escalona, who testified in court on Tuesday.  The grandmother told the court prosecutor that when Jocelyn was brought into the emergency room after the beating she called her daughter Elizabeth and urged her to come to the hospital. She did not.  When asked if she thought Elizabeth was solely responsible for Jocelyn’s injuries, Ofelina responded, “Yes.”  Ofelina said her daughter is not a monster, pleading with the judge to sentence her to probation and get her help.

Yet there are police reports stating that Elizabeth, who was known to be in a gang during her “troubled” teen years, was once suspected of assaulting and threatening to kill her own mother.

The trial continues with the defense team preparing to call on witnesses.


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