$300K Donation Will Support High School Tutoring

MELVINDALE (WWJ) – A program to prevent high school dropouts is getting a boost by way of a $300,000 check from AT&T.

The donation will support “ACCESS Pathways to Success” at Melvindale High School and the Frontier International Academy.

“In the Detroit public school system only 62 percent are graduating — and that’s the highest it’s been since 2007,” said Anisa Sahoubah of ACCESS. “Both of these schools pull in students from that community.”

Melvinsdale sophomore Abraham Perev said the tutoring program gave him a positive push.

“Throughout sports and everything my grades were not as I wanted them to be. I would get home tired after practice and ACCESS just made time … I went to after school tutoring and it made time for me to improve my grades and better myself as a person,” Perev said.

Parev said he’s now in the National Honor Society and planning to study Marine Biology in College. “Because of ACCESS NHS inducted me in and it’s a very hard club to get into,” he said.


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