REPORT: Terrell Owens Made 28 Bucks An Hour With The Seattle Seahawks!

terrell owens i only made 4300 with seahawksWe all know by now that Terrell Owens, a future Hall of Fame wide receiver, has been struggling with money issues for quite some time now–namely those dealing with his multiple baby mamas.

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But TMZ reports[2] that the NFL great’s pockets are really on struggle mode because he made just paltry $4,300 dollars while he was in training camp with the Seattle Seahawks this summer.

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The entertainment news site reports that they learned of Owen’s meager salary from new documents filed in his L.A. child support case. TMZ calculates that he earned $28 per hour for 152 hours of work.

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When T.O. signed a tentative deal with the Seahawks around Aug. 7, he had to submit pay stubs as part of the L.A. case, which involves two of his baby mama’s. He was expected to earn $925,000 during the regular season, but he was cut after three poor showings during the pre-season.

To give you some perspective of the kind of dough T.O. demanded in his prime, he signed a seven-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles[4] worth $48.97 million big ones back in 2004!

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