Boyfriend Kills Mother Of 2 After She Admits To Having HIV

Cicely Bolden TexasIn a shocking confession, Dallas, Texas-based Larry Dunn (pictured below) told local authorities that he killed girlfriend Cicely Bolden (pictured left), when she admitted to having HIV after they had sex.

According to 36-year-old Dunn, he had only been dating Bolden briefly, when she confessed to having HIV. Still, Bolden allegedly told Dunn  not to worry because it was “not that bad.”

In reaction, Dunn reportedly went in to the kitchen and returned with a knife, stabbing the Mother of two twice in the neck. And yet even worse was to come: Bolden’s two young children would be the ones to find her on her bedroom floor — naked from the waist down — with two gashes in her neck after school.

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Cicely Bolden Texas

Watch news coverage of this fatal incident here:

Cooperating with authorities, Dunn later admitted to burning his clothes and Larry Dunn Texasdiscarding the knife allegedly used in the murder in a waffle house garbage. He allegedly told authorities, “She killed me, so I killed her.”

Even with Bolden’s disconcerting confession, neighbor Latoya Arnett told San Antonio’s Kens 5[1], “All I know is, she didn’t deserve it and her kids didn’t deserve to see her like that.

“She was a good Mom. Loved her kids to death. I can’t imagine my kids seeing me like that. I know it hurt them.”

The Father of Bolden’s children, Jeff Busby, also agreed that Bolden’s murder was unwarranted, “I hope he rots in prison. She did not deserve this.” Busby confirmed that Bolden did indeed have HIV and added that she contracted it a few years ago.

While Busby is currently taking care of the children, Dunn is being held on bail for $50,000.


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