Contain your emotions on 1st day of preschool


Whether you are looking forward to or dreading the first day of preschool for your child, no parent can deny that sending a child off to preschool for the first time can be an emotional roller-coaster. Excited for the next step in your child’s life, yet still wanting them to remain your baby, you often have a difficult time as you make the transition to being a parent of school-age children. If you find yourself an emotional wreck on the first day of preschool, you’ll want to contain your emotions to help your child make the transition as smoothly as possible.

Start With What You Can Control

One way to contain your emotions on the first day of preschool is to focus on the things that you do have control over. For example, WebMD notes the importance of a well-balanced diet for preschool-age children — don’t let your little one head out the door without a balanced breakfast. Similarly, help your child get a good night’s rest. You’ll both benefit. By taking control of the factors in your child’s life that you can control, you’ll feel more in charge and less like your child is growing up and slipping away.

Though this might be your first child, chances are that the preschool has seen hundreds or thousands of children through their first day of school. If they have guidelines in place for dropping children off at the door or at the curb, or recommend what parents should do on the first day of school, take their advice to heart. These rules aren’t in place to make the day harder for you or your child. Rather, preschools know how to help everyone, parents included, survive the first day of school. Listen to your child’s teachers and program directors. Most recommend giving your child hugs and kisses, and then not lingering by the door. It might seem heartless at first, but it’s for the best for the children, and for moms and dads.

Remind Yourself Of The Benefits Of Preschool

Instead of focusing on the sadness you feel at this separation from your child, focus on the benefits your child will receive from attending a preschool program. WebMD mentions the importance of preschools and playgroups as a part of a child’s development, and a way to help them grow and learn to interact with other children. By focusing on the great things ahead for your child, instead of how hard the changes might be for you, you’d better be able to cope with your emotions when they creep up on you on those early school days.

Help Your Child Make The Transition To Preschool As Smooth As Possible

By managing your own emotions during this sometimes difficult adjustment period, you can help your child feel secure as he or she heads into the next step of life.

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