Detroit Police Leave Evidence At Bloody Accident Scene



DETROIT (WWJ) – Cars drove though puddles of blood at an accident scene that was littered with abandoned evidence after Detroit police completed an investigation Tuesday morning.

The accident happened on Wyoming Street near Joy Road just after 6:30 a.m., when a man who was allegedly jaywalking was hit by a car.

The man was hit so hard, his shoes were knocked off and the car’s windshield was completely shattered on the passenger’s side. He was taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries as Detroit police went through their accident reconstruction protocol.

Just over an hour after the accident, police removed their cruisers from the scene and reopened Wyoming Street to traffic. They left behind, however, an accident scene that seemingly looked untouched.

Residents of the west side neighborhood were appalled as they observed cars driving through puddles of blood left by the victim after he was hit by the car. The victim’s shoes were also left at the scene, one in the street and one in the parking lot, in the place they supposedly landed when the man was hit.

A resident who said she thought police hadn’t even been on the scene yet, found the victim’s cell phone laying in the street and called one of the man’s relatives to tell them what had happened.

“This phone was laying in the street. I just went over there, picked it up, put it together and started calling the numbers on it,” said Ava Smith, who continued dialing different numbers until she got ahold of someone.

“It was his sister I talked to and she lives out-of-state and is all by herself, oh my God, you know, I called her in the morning giving her some news like that. She said she’s going to call her mother and her mother would call me back,” said Smith, getting choked up.

When reached for comment, Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens said she had no information on the incident.

The driver, who called 911 and spoke to police at the scene, said the street lights are out in the area and he didn’t see the man until it was too late. He was not injured.



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