Local Pastors hope to Bridge The Gap

By Chrystal Knight


Monday’s deadline for submitting petitions to get issues on the ballot for the November election brought the lobbyists out in droves. Those who are hoping to block the building of a second bridge connecting Detroit and Canada by putting the issue to a vote were among those who bombarded the Secretary of State’s office with boxes of signatures.

In the meantime, one Delray pastor does not share the sentiments of the lobbyists, or many of his fellow Delrayans who don’t want the second bridge. Bishop Phillip Pulliam, 83, of Jehovah Jireh Church on S. Harbaugh Street, was praying that the New International Crossing announced last month by Gov. Rick Snyder, would give him the opportunity to sell the old church he can no longer maintain.

However, after learning that the building of the second bridge would stop just ten blocks from his church, Bishop Pulliam was deeply disappointed. For almost 30 years he devoted his time and money driving around the city to feed and clothe the needy, but now he’s facing health and financial problems of his own.

Once a lively, stately edifice in what used to be the thriving community of Delray, Jehovah Jireh Church now sits on a lonely corner, in need of reconstruction and revitalization.

“I’m praying for my Timothy to come along,” Bishop Pulliam said, referring to the young pastor of the Bible whom the Apostle Paul groomed to take over his ministry.

Although, his “Timothy” has not surfaced as of yet, Bishop Pulliam has been surrounded with generous and caring people to assist him when he needs help. However, with only a few members still attending his church, the bishop was left with no other option but to halt the main services and focus on his health. Right now, he has daily physical therapy sessions and has live-in assistance around the clock. There are bills to pay and work around the church to be done. However, with unwavering faith, sitting in Bishop Pulliam fervently prays for answers.

“The Lord told me to name my church Jehovah Jireh for a reason and I believe He will come through,” he said clasping his hands together and looking up. In the Bible, Jehovah Jireh is the name given to God by Abraham, after he was provided with a ram in the bush, sparing him from having to sacrifice his only son. Jehovah Jireh means, “The Lord will provide.” So, with that in mind, Bishop Pulliam continues to pray and wait for the answers he is sure will come.

Jehovah Jireh Church address is 441 S. Harbaugh Street, Detroit, Michigan 48209, and Bishop Pulliam can be reached at (313) 842-4525.


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