Is EMU President Martin A Drunk?

Is EMU President Martin A Drunk?

The Eastern Michigan Board of Regents seems to think so. The Board sent a letter to University President Sue Martin asking her to control her drinking or face losing her job.

In the letter they suggested that she seek help:

“We are supportive of you seeking help from professionals …” the letter stated, adding, adding:

“We are concerned that your misuse of alcohol could result in liability to the university.”

But the incident in question that prompted the letter—a dispute between Martin and EMU alumnus Michael Ferens over a former univeristy mascot was described as “minor” and “brief” by Ferens, Martin and witnesses of the incident according to a report on

Is one dispute over drinks enough for a warning from the Board of Regents?

It seems like there’s more to the story than this one incident. Outside of the brief argument with Ferens, Martin has not had any drinking related problems since she got a DWI in 2005. Could Martin be the victim of political jousting? Possibly, although that is purely speculation.

Martin has publically admitted to acting out of line and apologized for making a mistake. Suggesting her hectic lifestyle led to the inappropriate her behavior. But have there been other unpublicized incidents or does the EMU Board of Regents just want Martin out?

How it relates to Detroit:

In June, Martin attended the Michigan Chronicle’s Pancakes and Politics forum with DPS emergency financial manager Roy Roberts and the chancellor of Michigan’s new Education Achievement Authority (EAA) John Covington.

EMU is a major partner in the creation of the EAA, which is being piloted in Detroit and there’s a lot at stake both for EMU and students entering the new system. Any instability with EMU could reflect poorly not only on the University but on the EAA as in launches in Detroit.

Hopefuly this controversy will be resolved and Martin will continue to serve as president and do so without alcohol related squabbles.

CLICK HERE to read the letter the Board sent to Martin.

CLICK HERE to read the letter Martin sent to the Board.

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