The Friday F.E.E.L ~ Ramona Prater

Ramona Prater of The F’Club Radio Show

The Friday f.e.e.l 

(f. e. e. lifestyle)

Have you ever had the midday blahs? The blahs that consist of the same tuna sandwich for lunch, same radio station and same routines. If so, get ready to break your lunchtime routine. Welcome the cure to your midday blues: Ramona Prater and The F’Club Radio Show.

Ramona Prater is Detroit’s daughter of radio and she’s back with her club of f’ers as she calls them. “The F’Club radio show is all about the fabulous life of your forties, fifties into forever. It’s a magazine show about lifestyle.” Prater said. “We talk about every issue, from fitness, flirting, family, finance, friends and much more.”

Ramona is no stranger to the roller-coaster ride of a career in radio, where stability is consider a luxury. “Even when I wasn’t working on a traditional radio station, I was always working on the F’Club. Just because one door closes, it doesn’t stop a dream” Prater continued. “Reinvention is what the F’Club is all about. My best advice would be if you are between a traditional job, take the time to master your dreams and skills. Research your craft, always keep thinking of new ways to reinvent yourself.”

Ramona’s infectious energy is one of the best things about her being on-air live in 3-D at UDetroit Cafe. “I am so excited for my audience to be able to hear me again, but now they can see me and come interact with me in person” Prater said. “You can come have lunch, dinner or even make us your after work spot for a cocktail” Prater continued.

Laughter, conversation, food, and cocktails makes the F’Club with Ramona Prater at UDetroit a definite summer hot spot. You can catch Ramona on-air live at or sit in the audience live at the UDetroit Cafe, 1427 Randolph Street, Detroit, MI 48226. Monday-Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Fridays 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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