Oprah to Interview Rihanna on ‘Next Chapter’ Series

Hoping to get those sagging ratings up on OWN, Oprah Winfrey has set her sights on interviewing Rihanna for her “Next Chapter” series. Winfrey confirmed the interview via her Twitter[1]  account, but only stated that it would take place in August without giving a specific date.

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As of late, Oprah has had one-on-ones with mega personalities such as 50 Cent and the entire Kardashian clan.

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Rihanna appeared on Winfrey’s talk show in January 2010 to perform a Bob Marley classic, but was not interviewed.

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Now the maven of talk is finally going to zero-in on Rihanna and, perhaps, pull back some of those layers (not clothing, of course[4]) that we have all been curious about. The first thing that inquiring minds would probably want to know is why did Rihanna reconnect with her ex Chris Brown, the man who pummeled her back in 2009?

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Winfrey, an advocate against domestic violence, based one of her talk shows around the Rihanna/Brown incident. Even though Rihanna did not appear in the segment, Winfrey made it clear to all women who were watching her show that love is not supposed to hurt.

Certainly “Next Chapter” viewers will want Winfrey to discuss the abusive relationship Rihanna experienced with Brown.

Rihanna was also the alleged cause of the recent Chris Brown and Drake melee[6]that took place at a New York City nightclub where many were injured. Reportedly Drake, who also allegedly hit-it-and-quit-it with regards to Rihanna, said something nasty about the performer to Brown[7] and it was on like popcorn! Brown received a deep gash to the chin during the brawl.

The interview is one of many Oprah is banking on to help her network recover from its massive financial losses[8].

According to an interview[9] with online radio personality Kemp Parchment, Winfrey admits, ”It’s the television business. So when people say, ‘Are you trying to get ratings?’ Everybody who’s on television is trying to get ratings,” she said. “For 25 years I tried not to think about ratings. I just did what I did because I had a contract that gave me the freedom of not [to] worry about ratings. But this is a business.”


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