The Friday F.E.E.L ~ e.Society

The Friday f.e.e.l 

(f. e. e.Society. l)

I am very excited to introduce the third letter in our weekly Friday f.e.e.l:  e.Society. When you first hear e.society you may think of technology and I will be blogging about some technology based things. However, with the entrepreneur boom that is happening is Detroit I wanted this blog to provide tools, events, people and reflection for the entrepreneur. Welcome to a world created just for you…the entrepreneur. Welcome to e.Society.


The beauty of writing to a entrepreneur is that there is no age demographic. A entrepreneur can begin at a young age or even ignite a vision later in life. This blog will speak to you no matter what your age is or what stage of entrepreneurship you are in.


I have been asked a lot of questions regarding what makes a person an entrepreneur.

Merriam-Webster defines an entrepreneur as one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. This is a very limited definition of what a entrepreneur is and what characteristics that person should possess. In my research I located this quiz from to find out if you are an entrepreneur and if so, what kind of entrepreneur are you. Click here to begin and check back every third friday for your e.Society blog. 


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