City Council Approving Consent Agreement Today is Best Option to Move Detroit Forward

276Hope is not a strategy. Leadership is the responsible step today.

The delays in making a decision will not repair Detroit’s finances. As City Council, we must act today at the 5 p.m. special session by approving the Consent Agreement (also referred to as the Fiscal Stability Agreement).

We are burning cash and wasting vital time as you read this message. We spend $360,000 more per day than the revenue generated by the City of Detroit. At least one-third of our budget is spent on debt service and pension obligations, not needed municipal services.

Many citizens have shared with me, the fact that (they) “don’t care who turns the lights on, as long as they are on and stay on.”

As we move Detroit forward there are two salient points that must not be forgotten:

  1. This Consent Agreement is not a referendum on Public Act 4. It is a road map — action steps to repair Detroit finances. Challenges to Public Act 4 being waged in the court system will not be affected by City Council in approving this contract between the mayor and the governor.
  2. The agreement before City Council for approval is not the governor’s initial proposal, which I believe was draconian. The mayor rejected that document and fashioned a counter-proposal. Several Council members were invited to make changes and amendments to the mayor’s version, on behalf of the City Council body. These actions resulted in the final Consent Agreement under consideration by City Council

It must be remembered, that a municipality’s priority is to provide an environmentso that residents and businesses may thrive. With approval by City Council, Detroit will become the beneficiary of this mutual agreement to improve City services and “right-size” administrative operations.

Lastly, City Council will hold the pivotal special session on the 13th Floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center today at 5 p.m.

Together, we possess the power to become the best of Detroit.
Signature - Gary A Brown 
Gary A. Brown
President Pro Tem
Detroit City Council


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