Reflections: A Unique Experience

Mary J. BligeIn today’s society, conformity is more prevalent than ever. Being different is not generally encouraged. Most people want to be as much like everybody else as possible. Those who dare to be different, who are committed to honest self-expression, are rare.

That being the case, an artist like Rahsaan Patterson is to be applauded, especially by those of us who think — and often listen to music — “outside the box.”

The singer-songwriter-producer’s new album, oddly titled “Bleuphoria,” is very good, and completely unlike anything else out there. At times it’s like being transported to a world of Patterson’s creation.

The songs on this well-produced album are sometimes atmospheric, at other times, funky.

In addition to his own compositions, including “Mountain Top,” “Miss You,” “Insomnia,” “Crazy (Baby)” and “Goodbye,” Patterson puts a new, uptempo spin on the classic “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

If you want to have a new kind of musical experience, pick up “Bleuphoria” by Rahsaan Patterson.

WYCLEF JEAN has done it again. Not long ago he attempted to run for president of his native Haiti, even though he had no political experience. Now he is telling people that he is a “huge fan” of Sarah Palin because she is “cool,” is “for the people” and “there is just something about her.”

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but we give Jean a “D-” for his judgment skills, at least in these two instances.

Mary J. Blige, whose new album, “My Life 2: The Journey Continues,” is slated for Nov. 21 release, said, “I’m not going back to the pain and chaos of life. The first album was about depression, loneliness. The new album is about coming out of that hole and realizing that even when you’re happy, you won’t be every day.”

Believe or not, some people, rather than being happy for her, liked Blige better when she was struggling with many painful issues. This probably comes under the heading “Misery Loves Company.”

BRAD PITT hit the nail on the head when he said candidly, “I don’t like the separation that comes from religion, and the need to put your beliefs on someone else. When you start telling someone else how to live, you should check yourself.”

He is correct. People should live their faith, not try to jam what they believe down other people’s throats. I don’t want anyone talking to me about their religious beliefs unless I ask them. And being “religious” is not the same as being spiritual.

Believe it or not, Snoop Dogg is developing a family situation comedy in association with Warner Bros. Television. He will be the father.

Here’s something for you Motown trivia buffs. When the Supremes (then known as the Primettes) auditioned for Smokey Robinson with hopes of being signed by Motown, the audition took place at the home of Claudette Robinson, Miracles member and wife of Smokey Robinson, on East Warren Court near St. Aubin.

Tony Bennett, still going strong at 85, is such a class act, and so open to unexpected partnerships. His new album, “Duets II,” is great. He sings standards with Natalie Cole, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Norah Jones, Aretha Franklin, John Mayer, Queen Latifah and nine others.

BETCHA DIDN’T KNOW…that in 1974 the Pointer Sisters had a big hit on the country charts with a song they wrote titled “Fairytale.”

MEMORIES: “Shake Your Body(Down to the Ground)” (the Jacksons), “No More Tears” (Anita Baker), “Lucille” (Little Richard), “Wake Up Everybody” (Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes), “Not on the Outside” (the Moments), “Piece of My Heart” (Erma Franklin), “All Around the World” (Lisa Stansfield), “Honey Chile” (Martha Reeves & the Vandellas), “Can I Get a Witness?” (Marvin Gaye).

BLESSINGS to Robert Brown, Arma Suggs, Carl Jones, Donna Davis, Sandra Woodall, Nat Morris, Angie Daniels, Marie Teasley, Ron Teasley and Tyrone Mills.

WORDS OF THE WEEK:“When a new challenge arises, remember all of the others you got through. You will get through this one too.” Let the music play! Steve Holsey can be reached at and PO Box 02843, Detroit, MI 48202.


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