BMW To Test All-Electric Technology With 1 Series


Next?  Hoping to build on the popularity of the MINI E, the BMW Group has announced it will test the practicality of its all-electric ActiveE technology with the BMW 1 Series Coupe as part of an emissions-free drive concept.

The move highlights the continuation of BMW’s research and development activities in the field of electro-mobility in pushing closer toward the production of an all-electric vehicle with all the attributes that we’ve come to expect from BMW.

The concept features the integration of the all-electric ActiveE technology with the drive components in the existing vehicle package of the BMW 1 Series Coupe with four full-size seats and a luggage compartment.  The idea was to create a more practical everyday car than the MINI E equipped with the AcitveE technology.

The motor, specially developed for the model and located in the rear axle, delivers 170 horsepower and maximum torque of 184 lb-ft.  The vehicle has a 0-60 mph in approximately 8.5 seconds.

BMW officials said field tests with the MINI E as part of Project-i in the US and Europe have provided important insight into the demands required of future production electric vehicles. The BMW 1 Series featuring the ActiveE technology is part of the second step of the carmaker’s Project-i as part of a second trial fleet of electric vehicles based on the BMW Concept ActiveE.

These vehicles are intended for everyday use by private and select fleet customers as part of a large-scale field test. The insights gathered from the tests will be fed into the development of an electrically powered serial production vehicle which the BMW Group will put on the market under a sub-brand of BMW in the first half of the next decade.

The BMW Concept ActiveE will debut at the 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), which opens to the public Jan. 16.

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