Tiger is Time…Less


Photo taken from www.tagheuer.com

Tiger is Time…Less

As the latest in a string of endorsement pullbacks following Tiger Woods’ announcement that he was taking an indefinite break from professional golf to mend his perforated marriage, Swiss watchmakers Tag Heuer has pulled advertisements to honor his privacy.

Eliminating its advertisements in Australia and the United States featuring the pro-golfer last week, the company’s decision was based on the backlash they were feeling from their consumers.

Tag Heuer’s CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin, stated, “We recognize Tiger Woods as a great sportsman, but we have to take into account the sensitivity of some consumers in relation to recent events.”

According to E! News, despite the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods, Babin confirmed that their partnership with Woods will continue, but they are scaling back the use of his image in certain markets until he decides whether he is going to return to professional golf.

Babin also added, “We will continue to actively support the Tiger Woods Foundation.”

But in a bizarre twist, just days later, Tag Heuer’s website posted an advertisement of Tiger Woods wearing a Tag Heuer watch with the words “TAG HEUER stands with TIGER WOODS” in large white text.

Talk about standing by your man. I wonder what Nike will do.


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