The Power of Packaging

By Chris Bryant


Have you ever been influenced by the packaging when making a purchase? I must confess I’ve often found myself trying new juice beverages just because the bottle looked so enticing. Packaging does matter. According to the Marketing Guide, U.S. Packaging Industry, over $40 billion a year is spent on product packaging. My alma mater, Michigan State University, has an entire school dedicated to this discipline. When it comes to managing your personal brand, it’s vitally important to understand the power of your packaging.

What does your attire say about you?

In three words…a whole lot!  Studies show that how we dress may speak more about us than what we say or do. How you dress reveals signs of personal strengths, weaknesses, priorities and attention to detail. A wardrobe often provides direct insight into who you are and who you are striving to be, which is extremely important when networking, interviewing or navigating the corporate landscape.

Three tips to maximize your packaging appeal: 1) Commit to the Fit: Clothing that’s too tight, too loose, too short or too long can significantly undermine your professional presence. 2) Enough with the Scuff: There’s nothing like a pair of dull, scuffed or damaged shoes to steal the thunder of an otherwise great look. It’s like placing a pair of dented and dirty hubcaps on a shiny new Mercedes. 3) Keep it Current: This is not about chasing the latest fad, but it’s important to avoid appearing stuck in a time warp. Hopefully you’ll never have to hear, “Wow, that outfit will look really great when it comes back in style.” Keep these in mind as you continue to promote, position and propel your personal brand and always remember, excellence has its advantages!

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