Natural Cures That May Be Illegal


The Internet provides a wealth of health information and research for the health conscious person or someone needing to research a health issue.

A great deal of research on natural medicine has revealed significant health benefits, but is seldom reported in mainstream media.  Research on natural medicine takes place all over the world, at universities, major hospitals, and non-profit research labs.   The study results are usually reported in specialty newsletters, industry publications, health magazines, books, the Internet and medical seminars.

Laws On Promoting Natural Treatments

It is illegal to pursue a patent on a natural substance.  Additionally, it is a violation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations to diagnose, offer to treat, mitigate, cure or to prevent any disease with anything other than an FDA approved drug or medical procedure.

The FDA outlaws sellers from making any reference to scientific studies relating to the health effects of any foods or supplements.  As a result, there is very little monetary incentive to promote any natural product or medical procedure that is not approved by the FDA and protected by the U.S. Patent Office.

Promoting Cheerios and oatmeal for lowering cholesterol, cherry juice to treat gout, etc. can be considered as an illegal health claim and in violation of FDA rules. The topics are a few examples of the thousands of research studies published every day.

Natural Cures

Nutrients are not normally a part of conventional medical treatments. In 1946, Dr. Knapp published a paper on the “Eye as a Guide to Latent Nutritional Deficiencies” where he described his observa­tions and treatment of Navy personnel in the South Pacific.  Dr. Knapp discovered that patients suffering from severe myopia responded positively to treatment with vitamin D and calcium.   Along with poor vision, vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in over 22 forms of cancer, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, gum disease and a host of other health abnormalities.

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