Ford Expands Supplier Diversity Leadership Role


Ford Motor Company is expanding its leadership role in supplier diversity by adding two companies to the Joint Technology Framework (JTF), a special program aimed at improving suppliers’ technical expertise.

As announced Oct. 9,  these companies are Piston Automotive LLC and Saturn Electronics & Engineering Inc.. Their inclusion brings the number of minority- and women-owned businesses in the program to eight. Tony Brown, Ford group vice president, Global Purchasing, made the announcement at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s 10th Annual Detroit Automotive Summit.

Ford launched JTF one year ago to assist its suppliers in developing innovative products and technical expertise. Under the program, there is a formal process in which suppliers are given access to specific product and process intellectual property from Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. Suppliers are then licensed by Ford to develop the technologies and processes for potential future use by Ford, other automakers or other industries.

Redford-based Piston Automotive is an assembly and sequencing company, providing chassis modules and interior parts, as well as logistics services. Rochester Hills-based Saturn Engineering & Electronics makes electronics and electrical components, modules and sub-systems.


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