'Don't Be That Guy'!



By now, students have comfortably fallen back into the back-to-school routine. Parents of high school students have no doubt had conversations and debates with their kids who have been laying on the high-pressure sales tactics for high-ticket items such as laptops and phones and other pricy things that beep, chirp and gurgle.

Seems you just can’t get them to understand the value of money. You fret that once they leave the safety of home, they will fall victim to the easiest of sales pitches, forget the advice you gave them about budgeting and saving because money doesn’t grow on trees. You preached. You gave the speeches about handling money responsibly and hope they listened.

We know you don’t want your kid to be that guy! You know the one. He regularly spends through his savings before he realizes he’s broke, bounces checks, and just does not get it! Fifth Third Bank is introducing our new financial literacy program into high schools across Southeast Michigan. Part of Fifth Third Bank’s Dream Guard program, “Don’t Be That Guy!” teaches high school students the importance of saving and budgeting, building good credit, the basics of banking, and being responsible with money.

The program is fun and interactive with the loveable, financially clueless Kyle who puts his roommates through the wringer with his ridiculously irresponsible notions of money management. The program consists of three modules that include lessons that teach students how to keep a budget on track, ways to make saving easy, the magic of compound interest, types of credit, and how to maintain good credit. The program also teaches students the basics of banking.

The program can be taught in one school period and tests the student’s knowledge and retention level. “Don’t Be That Guy!” is just one in a suite of financial literacy education programs available to schools across Southeast Michigan courtesy of Fifth Third Bank. The programs are typically delivered by Fifth Third employees because they are the experts and the programs are taught at the school, during the school day.

Fifth Third Bank is committed to helping guys like Kyle become financially responsible adults. The “Don’t Be That Guy!” financial literacy program is available to high schools across southeastern Michigan. If you are interested in having a Fifth Third employee come to your teen’s school to help them get on track in their understanding of money, visit any one of our financial centers and ask about Kyle.

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